HR Management

People are our most important asset and Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the keys to bring the success to our company as we depend on our staff in all level to achieve and complete our company targets and missions.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that a fair working environment with equal opportunities to everyone & a well developed appraisal system with clear performance objectives or goals can motivate our staff to give of their best voluntarily. In addition, we will provide on-going guidance & supervision with regular performance feedback to our people and make sure they all understand their job objectives and responsibility.

Sustainable Development

HRM also includes the sustainable development of the staffs to support & contribute to the company growth by identifying the training and development needs for the staff to acquire the knowledge & skills to improve their working standard and also developing their potential.

We believe staff development can improve employee's efficiency and motivation, leading to gain in both productivity and job satisfaction. Other than on-job technique conducting by a group of qualified members, off-job training by attending seminar, meeting or continuing education program, depends on staff's abilities and motivation, our company selects potential members for sending to Japan for language and advance technical training providing by our business partners.

Relation (Staff & Management)

In order to maximize the productivity of a company, a close relation with the staff is the essential of management. It counts on the effective communication as the staff ideas and opinions can be reached to the management and the company's objectives and values can be delivered to the people.

We farm together, we harvest together!

We always consider maintaining our staff morale and so member is invited to join our staff shareholding system and provide different welfare to our people.

Job Opportunities for universities graduates

By collaborating with universities in China, Japan and HK, we every year offer a range of career opportunities for universities graduates. Summer internship program gives a chance for students apply their outside.